4 Ways The Cuppone Heated Press Can Help Your Takeaway Power Through The Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has presented the hospitality and catering industry with its biggest test to date. However, the UK’s unwavering love of good food and downright refusal to live without their favourite dishes has provided caterers with an opportunity; to reinvent their operations into a social distancing-compliant takeaway.

Overhauling your operations in the context of a totally unfamiliar industry climate is no mean feat and even the most seasoned caterers will need a boost of support in the kitchen. However, the virus has unfortunately forced many catering industry employees out of work on furlough or into quarantine. It has also resulted in the implementation of strict social distancing laws meaning the number of staff members who can safely prepare food in a kitchen has greatly reduced. Securing the right supportive catering equipment is therefore more important than it’s ever been.

This is where the automatic caterer, aka, the Cuppone Heated Press, can relieve the pressure that’s been put on businesses. With just a gentle push on its handle, this machine’s heated plates press dough balls into perfectly consistent products from a vast variety of cuisines. Here are just 4 of the many ways the Heated Press can support you through this challenging time:


1)     Meet increased demand

With many catering businesses having been sadly forced to close during lock down, the market share is being split between a relatively small number of quick reacting establishments. Experiencing a large demand is something to be celebrated but it can be overwhelming for an operation struggling with less manpower than usual. The Press has been manufactured to reduce the lengthy task of hand stretching dough to a fraction of the time, producing 400 perfectly uniform bases per hour. This could prove instrumental in helping a busy takeaway cater to every order efficiently, stand out from the competition and secure loyalty.


2)     Cover employees

It is a tragic fact of our current circumstances that many employees that are eager to help their workplace through the crisis are instead being forced to stay at home and out of action.  Thankfully, the Cuppone Heated Press will always be ready to help pick up the workload and keep your operation performing to its full potential till your employees are able to get back to what they do best.


3)     Prep a variety of takeaway favourites

Adapting your catering operation to the current climate is likely to have included a menu overhaul. Many businesses will be turning towards cuisines traditionally served in takeaway and home delivery form due to their widespread popularity and ease of transportation.The versatile Heated Press is suited to prepping dishes from a variety of cuisines, for example Middle Eastern pita breads, Mexican tortillas, Indian naan breads, rotis and chapatis, and, of course, Italian pizzas! The Press is an invaluable kitchen helper to those serving new cuisines in the current food service climate.

4)     Try before you buy

During this trying time, many operations may not feel they are in a position financially to take a risk of buying new equipment that may not fulfil their needs. Fortunately, the Cuppone Heated Press can be hired on a short term basis, so you can find out for sure prior to purchase that it’s right for you and your offering. Click here to learn how to hire the Press.


To speak to a member of our team about how the Cuppone Heated Press can support your business through this uncertain period, call 0161 633 5797 or email kitchens@linda-lewis.co.uk! Click here to learn how you get a Cuppone Heated Press in your commercial kitchen.



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