Fabio’s 5 Tips for Fighting Food Waste!

Food waste is a BIG topic right now- according to Wrap, the food sector produces 0.4 million tonnes of avoidable food waste per annum. This waste has a significant negative effect on our environment as it emits harmful greenhouse gases and speeds up global warming.

Scary stats like this have motivated many catering operations (and at-home cooks!) to take action and reduce their own waste. The good news is that reducing food waste is a win win – it not only helps to save our planet but could also save you some serious cash!

So OF COURSE you’d like to join the food waste fight- but maybe you’re not a hundred percent of how to go about it? Don’t worry, we just so happen to have an expert Development Chef, Fabio Aurelio, who loves nothing more than to share his wisdom! Take a look at Fabio’s Top 5 Tips on reducing your food waste:

  1. Restore order to your cupboards

“The fight on food waste begins in your cupboards. It’s so easy to place your new stock at the front and let your old stock be pushed further and further to the back only to be discovered by archaeologists 2000 years from now. Organise your food oldest to the front, newest to back. This order guarantees an efficient stock rotation where every item gets its time to shine before it hits its expiration date.”

  1. Give it back to the earth

“Putting your leftovers and scraps in a food bin is a VERY eco-friendly way to deal with waste. Although your local council will offer green waste collections, you can wait till the waste decomposes into compost then use it to improve the soil and growth of your own plants. The worms will also thank you for the free meal!”

  1. Maximise your ingredients

“Prepare your raw ingredients efficiently- use every precious part that you can! Many people chop off perfectly good parts of the ingredient and toss them away. Cut right the way up to the stem or the top – and why stop there? Carrot tops can be made into pesto! Strawberry tops can be used in smoothies! Get experimental!”

  1. Quality, not quantity

“If your food is rich and high quality, your customer (or yourself) will be more than satisfied with a smaller portion. Plus, if the portion is smaller, it’s much less likely any food will be leftover!”

  1. Surplus food ISN’T food waste

“Just because you don’t want your food, it doesn’t mean it’s waste- chances are, there is someone that would massively appreciate the extra food that you believe is destined for the bin. Many communities have altruistic organisations that will pick up surplus food and donate it to those in need of nourishing meals in the local area. The organisation which I work with is IF Oldham- if I find myself with a food surplus after equipment demonstrations or menu development sessions, they pick it up and supply it to those in need in my local community of Oldham. It’s an amazing way to not only hugely cut down your food waste but to support your community!”

So, whether you’re a bustling catering operation with a high output or simply an at-home cook- every one of us has the power to make a difference for our planet (and our pockets!) by following these tips and reducing our food waste. Go on, join us in the fight on food waste!



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