Tap Into The Cuppone Giotto Oven 2.0

Our world-renowned pizza equipment manufacturers, Cuppone, are bringing the second generation of their famous Cuppone Giotto pizza oven to the UK!

Remember back in 2009, when Cuppone launched the Giotto oven aka. the first electric oven in the world to feature a revolving cordierite stone base? Today, they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for pizzaiolos with the second generation of the Cuppone Giotto oven! There imagined oven retains all the favourite features of the original model but now carries trendy touch screen technology. This new tech enables pizzaiolos to tap into automatic cooking programming, customisable base rotation, automatic oven activation and more, revolutionising how you operate.

The Giotto 2.0 can be programmed to turn on automatically at days and times of your choosing and start performing at predetermined settings which are customised to cook specific dishes to perfection. For example, if your operation only cooks bread on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can programme the oven to switch itself on at 8am on these days and automatically begin reaching the optimum temperature and power settings for baking bread. Gone are the days you had to set your alarm unnecessarily early to come into work solely to switch the oven on and have it using energy for any longer than is necessary!

The new Giotto is also designed to boost productivity in high demand catering operations. You can customise the speed and direction of the base’s rotation to the optimum specifications for loading and unloading the oven with maximum ease and efficiency. It has been calculated that this useful feature can boost your productivity by up to 20%!! The rotational base also takes a lot of skill out of loading and unloading a full deck, no ducking and diving required here, making this machine ideal for budding pizzaiolos with limited experience.

The Cuppone Giotto oven arrives at its new home in its ‘travelling position’. The oven in this form can fit through even standard sized doorways of 800w x 1900h on its journey into the kitchen! Once it has been wheeled into the desired spot, it can be winched into the cooking position and assembled within just one hour so you can start playing with your new toy almost immediately.

This oven’s space age style aesthetic and striking stainless steel construction makes it ideal for grabbing attention in an open kitchen. It can even be customised in a range of colours and designs to complement the decor of your catering operation.  It comes readily supplied with an extraction hood and a stand with storage room perfect for neatly storing pizza boxes or accessories. It is designed to fit snugly into a corner space making it highly suitable for catering operations where space is at a premium.

We are so thrilled to once again introduce the UK hospitality industry to the latest creation of our master manufacturers at Cuppone. The second generation of the Cuppone Giotto oven will enable restaurants,hotels, gastro pubs and more to boost their productivity, tap into new operational possibilities and achieve their potential!

We encourage you to book time in our onsite demo kitchen so, as soon as lock down is over, you can take the new Giotto oven for a 'spin' (pun intended) and get interactive with the machine to discover for yourself how it fulfils your operations needs. To book your trial, contact us on 0161 633 5797 or kitchens@linda-lewis.co.uk. To learn more about the Giotto, click here.



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