Making Pasta As Simple As Pasta-ble

Pizza and pasta are a match made in Italian cuisine heaven. Sumptuous pasta accompanied by a stone baked slice? Bellissimo! That’s why the pizza pros here at LLK are VERY excited to share the news that we are launching our own range of…(drumroll please)… LLK Pasta Equipment!

Team LLK have always been dedicated to making adding pizza to the menu simple with our time, energy and money saving equipment. Now, it’s about time we turned our hands to making pasta as accessible as pasta-ble too!

All of our new items of pasta equipment have been manufactured to the highest standard in an Italian factory that has more than 50 years’ experience under its belt. The machines are capable of mixing, extruding and cutting a wide array of fresh pasta, from spaghetti to macaroni to ravioli! Allow us to introduce you to the new names in our product catalogue…

The Pasta Cooker

The LLK counter-top Pasta Cooker produces delicious, fresh pasta without taking up valuable hob space. It’s available in two sizes and can even be supplied with various arrangements of baskets so you can customise your Pasta Cooker to your requirements. The Cooker is produced entirely in stainless steel and its elements are made from armoured, rust-proof materials. This attractive and practical composition helps to ensure this machine will look stunning and perform brilliantly for years to come! The Cooker is even available with an optional steam cooking basket for cooking crunchy steamed vegetables as well as maxi baskets to allow larger production in the smaller model! Click here to learn more about the ‘pasta’-billities with the LLK Pasta Cooker…

The Pasta Sheeter

The LLK Pasta Sheeter is designed and manufactured to make producing fresh pasta a walk in the park! It’s available in 3 different sizes so we’re sure to have a model that's perfect for your operation’s size and demand. Its stainless-steel construction makes this machine robust as well as easy to clean. Its vertical construction makes the Sheeter more compact than most on the market, taking up less counter space and giving you more room to do what you do best. It’s available with optional pasta cutters in various sizes which make the production of spaghetti,tagliatelle or pappardelle achievable without investing in multiple machines! To find out more about the LLK Pasta Sheeter is worth every ‘penne’, click here.

The Pasta Machine

The LLK Pasta Machine can mix, extrude and cut a wide array of fresh pasta. It’s available with optional short pasta cutters along with a variety of dies so you can make anything from tasty tagliatelle to moreish macaroni! It mixes at the perfect speed to maintain hydration levels in the pasta mix. Our pasta machines assist with the production of fresh pasta with little skill required so you can revamp your menu with low-cost, high-profit, and simply beautiful pasta dishes that will delight your customers! To read more about the ‘tortellini’ fantastic LLK Pasta Machine, click here.

To browse the new range of Pasta Equipment at our website, click here. To speak to a member of our knowledgeable sales team about adding pasta to your menu, call us on 0161 633 5797 or email!



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